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Our fleet service starts with understanding your fleet of vans, how you operate them, and how we can help to maximize your budget, and your time. Every customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, so we’re more than happy to talk to you about any specific needs you have.

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Maintenance Services For All Vans In Your Fleet Since 1972

Big Fleet Repair and Fleet Maintenance Services

Are you having trouble managing repairs for your fleet? Big Van Repair is your best partner in fleet maintenance services. We are your one-stop shop for all your corporate fleet repair needs where we endeavor to ensure your service van, delivery van, cargo van, or any other commercial vehicle in your fleet is running in top condition. Here at Big Van Repair, we are committed to identify and rectify any issue with your fleet before it turns into a significant problem

Having been in business since 1972 Big Van Repair has amassed a wealth of experience which we can use to your advantage. We have encountered a wide range of problems that have fine-tuned us to become specialists in corporate fleet repair.

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Commercial Fleet Repair and Maintenance Services

See Why Our Fleet Repair Services are the Best in Salt Lake City

Can handle various types of vans – When you hire Big Van Repair to take care of your fleet repairs, you won’t be obliged to look for another service provider because of variation in model and make of cars in your fleet. With our frepair services, everything can handled under one roof. We offer repair services for a wide range of vans which include Nissan NV, Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Dodge ProMaster among others. The size or weight of your vehicles also doesn’t because we can handle heavy-duty, semi-trucks or light-duty trucks. We have got you covered for all your repair needs.

Offers preventive measures – Instead of waiting for your fleet to be grounded because of repair problems, here at Big Van Repair strives to provide protective measures to avert small problems from generating into significant issues. We have high-end technologies that allow us to conduct a complete health check and detect even the slightest problem that may be developing in any of your vehicles in your fleet. This way, we prevent your business from coming to a standstill when most if not all your vehicles develops severe mechanical failures.

Superb Customer Services – Our customers are our priority, and their satisfaction is the greatest motivation that have kept us going strong for all these years that we have been in operation. We take pride in seeing happy and satisfied customers because we adhere to one of the essential rules of a business – a satisfied customer means more business in the future. When you contact us, you are handled with the utmost care and professionalism by our trained customer care support who will make you feel more of a family than a customer. We listen to you carefully to better understand your needs and your fleet which will allow us to offer the best fleet repairs solution for you.

Responsiveness and availability – At Big Van Repair, we believe no services merits to be regarded as quality if it isn’t timely availed. In this regard, we strive to minimize turnaround time as much as we can to avoid getting you stranded. Once you contact us, we guarantee to help you on the same day. Our team also operates at any time of the day; hence, you can trust us for fleet repairs during an emergency.

Excellent services – The quality of the fleet repair services that we offer are second to none. The combination of modern technologies and highly skilled personnel at our disposal ensures the results you will get are nothing less than superb. The vigorous training that our staff have undergone guarantees they know what they are doing and will fix your repair needs efficiently. Besides, we use quality replacement parts that have been recommended by your van’s manufacturer; hence, you won’t void your vehicle’s warranty by hiring our services. Your car will also be handled with the utmost care to avoid causing more damage.

Licensing – Here at Big Van Repair, we have the licensing to operate in various cities such as Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Marietta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ, among others. The licensing from the authorities in these cities gives you confidence that you are dealing with a company that have met all requirements and standards to offer repair services. Furthermore, our mechanics are certified to handle repairs for various types of vans such as Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster, Ford Transit, and Nissan NV, among others. When you hire our repair services, you will have confidence that your vehicles are on proper and safe hands.

Insurance – What if the inevitable happens and there are damages and injuries during the repair process? Are you worried about this? Well, when you Big Van Repair as your repair Service Company for your fleet, you shouldn’t worry about it. We are an insured company, and our insurance services provider will cater for any eventualities that may occur during repairs.

Professional consultation – Are you not yet convinced that you need to hire a fleet repair company? Well, if you are at crossroads on the decision to make, we can help in that too. At Big Van Repair, we offer professional consultation where we assess your fleet and then advise you accordingly in regards to how the repairs should be done.

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Maintenance and Repairs that We Offer


  • Transmissions

  • Maintenance Programs

  • Brakes and Suspension

  • AC and Heating

  • Fuel Delivery Systems

  • Electrical Repairs

  • Engine Service and Repair

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The best thing with our services is that they are availed at an affordable price despite being of high quality. So, when you need your fleet repaired fast and right, give us a call. We are the professionals that your vehicles deserve to keep them running smoothly. We are driven by customers’ satisfaction and passion for vehicle repairs. Contact us now and get a quote to see why we have been the leading fleet repair company for many years!

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Looking for a quote? You’ll get an accurate estimate with detailed information. You’ll also find our pricing to be fair, and that our work is outstanding! If your fleet requires any of the above repair services, no other company can handle them better than how we do it at Big Van Repair. Even if they have not developed, we can conduct computer diagnostics to detect them as early as possible.

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